R   E   E   D     A .    M   O   R   R   I   S   O   N

A      R      C      H      I      T      E      C      T



Pajolek Guest House - Osterville, Massachusetts

600 West End Avenue - New York, New York

Tavitian Residence - Hingham, Massachusetts

Phillips Residence - Tequesta, Florida

55 Leonard Residence - New York, New York

Sea Cliff Residence - San Francisco, California

39 Barrow Street - New York, New York

Briggs Residence - Truro, Massachusetts

Roberts Residence - Southampton, New York

Tavitian Residence - East Dennis, Massachusetts

1817 Cape - East Dennis, Massachusetts

Fulham Residence - Osterville, Massachusetts

Broadbent Residence - Westport, Connecticut

Phillips Residence - Osterville, Massachusetts

Bodell Residence - Osterville, Massachusetts

Edmonds Residence - New York, New York

Fair Residence - Oyster Harbors, Massachusetts

Pesek Residence - Osterville, Massachusetts

Briggs Residence - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Stewart Residence - Wainscott, New York

Marchese Residence - Summit, New Jersey

North Sea Residence - Southampton, New York

Buck Residence - Osterville, Massachusetts

Gagnon Residence - Wainscott, New York

Pond Street Residence - Osterville, Massachusetts

Weld Residence - Riverside, Connecticut

Priem Residence - Osterville, Massachusetts

Hanson - Perlman Residence - Sag Harbor, New York

Gittler Residence - New York, New York

Pajolek Residence - Osterville, Massachusetts

Rosenbaum Residence - Los Altos Hills, California

Luke Camp - Keene Valley, New York

Edmonds Residence - Belmont, Massachusetts

Tilt Residence - Dover, Massachusetts

Mindel Loft - New York, New York

Hinckley Residence - Lawrence, New York

Coombe Apartment - New York, New York

Fabricius Residence - Easthampton, New York

Edmonds Residence - Oyster Harbors, Massachusetts

Green Apartment - New York, New York

Sherr Apartment - Union City, New Jersey

Marchese Apartment - New York, New York

Vander Wolk Residence - Gulfstream, Florida

Gammal Residence - West Longbranch, New Jersey

Tobias Residence - Bernardsville, New Jersey

Vicente Road Residence - Berkeley, California

Johnson Residence - Sea Ranch, California

Jacksick Residence - Reno Nevada

Residential - Multi-Unit

Wianno Club - Osterville, Massachisetts

Hoboken Court Street Plaza - Hoboken, New Jersey

Fordham Park Townhouses - Pinole, California

Ano Nuevo Park - Pescadero, California

Brentwood Masterplan - Brentwood, California

Cascade Ranch Masterplan - San Mateo, California

Commercial - Institutional

Soros Capital Management - New York, New York

Delorenzo 1950 Showroom - New York, New York

British Airways Viscount Hotel - New York, New York

Nigel Ltd. Salon - New York, New York

Bay Bank - Acton, Massachusetts

Jensen Lewis Snowroom - New York, New York

Spectre Industries - Milpitas, California

Brooklyn Piers 4, 5 and 6 - Brooklyn, New York

Legaspi Plaza Hotel - Burlingame, California


Unity Church - Barnstable, Massachusetts




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