R   E   E   D     A .    M   O   R   R   I   S   O   N

A      R      C      H      I      T      E      C      T

Murdo D. Morrison FAIA

For over fifty years as a registered architect, Murdo D. Morrison lead his own practice in Klamath Falls, Oregon and later in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He generously contributed his training and talents through public service for the betterment of the citizenry and the environment.  

After graduating with honors in 1943 from Lawrence Institute of Technology in Detroit, Michigan, with a BARCH Engineering degree, he served as a commanding officer in the U. S. Navy during WW2 aboard the USS-LSM 145 in the Pacific.  He participated in the third wave on D-Day at Iwo Jima.

After his war service he worked in the office of Albert Kahn in Detroit, Michigan followed by work in the office of Saarinen, Swanson and Saarinen in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. At that time he was the design associate for Christ Church Lutheran, Minneapolis, Minnesota, designated a National Historic Landmark in 2009.

Consistent with his contributions to the profession as a member of the Oregon Board of Architect Examiners, Mr. Morrison later served as the President of the San Mateo, California AIA.  In May of 2002 he was selected as a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects.  

Helen L. Morrison ASID

After studying her aunt's architectural magazines, by the age of 10 Helen Morrison decided she would work in an architect's office.  She attended the University of Michigan where she studied interior design, graduating with honors in 1945.  She worked as a designer with Pipsan Saarinen while with the office of Saarinen, Swanson and Saarinen.  

Helen Morrison and Murdo Morrison became engaged and were married during their time in the Saarinen office.




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